"Let It Rain" Talk Show Host: Rain


        RELEASE THE BRAKES:          

 Making strides to uplift, encourage and inspire young Black Men to, "BE Different, BE Great, Never Stop".


Thanks goes out to Rain

for having me on her radio talk

show: "LET IT RAIN" Bronx, NY

Release the brakes

ABOUT ReleaseTheBrakes

2015 Sole to Souls Sneaker Drive

Mr. Delorean Andrews

Release The Brakes is an outreach movement that focuses on providing mentoring, motivational speeches and activities to inner city youth. Delorean Andrews, Director and Lead Coach, knows what it is like to be a young kid growing up in the inner city and the challenges that are faced with no father or mentor to guide or lead a young man into his full potential. He was born and raised in the inner city of Miami, FL. He understands the importance of speaking LIFE into the LIVES of OUR YOUNG MEN- something he feels passionately about needs to be actively promoted and encouraged in our communities.  Release The Brakes demonstrates the importance of each of us DOING our part to encourage and support our youth by providing a support system and resources that work to inspire ACTION and MOVEMENT-"Releasing The Brakes" on the idea that contributions have to be grand to be meaningful. They don't. They just need to be made. One at a time. Together, they all make a siginficant, positive impact. The organization's motivational speeches cover topics such as: establishing and meeting your goals; the importance of purpose; the obligation of lifting others as you climb and the necessity of staying focused on your goals.

P.o. Box 123 Essington PA 19029 us